AC Auditorium

The school has an AC Auditorium which provides opportunities of screening films, holding lecture programmes and interhouse and interschool competitions. The AC Auditorium, with a seating capacity of 250, is well equipped with latest footlights, spotlights, floodlights, colour wheels, halogen lights, dimmer board, automatic push button motorised curtains, side curtains, light, mike control board etc.

Children's Park

RPS's park is meant to energize in the open and fresh air of the park. The children's park has several play stations for them to play with and enjoy.

There are swings, slides, hanging rods upon for exercise, and many other such items that provide for children the much required exercise, enjoyment, and refreshment away from their busy schedules.

Computer Lab

Everyone lives in a society dependent on technology at work, home, and school, but students are not able to access this technology on a continuous basis. Computers are significant to education because they make us reconsider how students learn, how they are inspired, and how the useful information may be acquired. Computer lab helps with daily use, with future preparation, and benefits learning amongst students and teachers.

Science Lab

Practical knowledge is as important as theoretical knowledge, the topics which do not get cleared in a classroom are easily understood by the students by doing simple experiments and the experiment which is performed is remembered forever. The RPS science Science Lab increase the research aptitude of the students.


The school library provides state-of-the-art facilities for developing reading habits and also satisfies the student's curiosity for reading.

The library has a rich collection of books, journals, periodicals, news papers. It has reserved some collection as reference which can be referred to in the library only. The library also provides internet facility.

It has a spacious reading room and a reference section.

Sports Complex

The school lays equal emphasis on sports and games and right from the beginning, a child is taught to compete with the true spirit of sportsmanship. The school provides facilities for games and sports to encourage healthy competition, character-building and physical stamina. The school has a large playground where the students do various physical exercises like Aerobics, Rhythmic exercises. Yoga too is taught here.