Please read the below details carefully !..

Rules for the Residential Summer Camp

  1. Use of Electronic Gadgets and Mobile Phones are completely restricted in the camp.
  2. Treat fellow campers, staff, and instructors with kindness and respect.
  3. Embrace and celebrate diversity within the camp community.
  4. Attend all scheduled activities and events on time.
  5. Notify camp staff in advance if you need to miss any activities.
  6. Adhere to designated curfew and lights out times.
  7. Respect quiet hours to ensure everyone gets a good night's sleep.
  8. Maintain personal hygiene and cleanliness in living spaces.
  9. Follow proper waste disposal practices and keep common areas tidy.
  10. Show respect during meals, including waiting turns, using appropriate table manners, and avoiding food wastage.
  11. Be mindful of any dietary restrictions or allergies.
  12. Use respectful and inclusive language in all interactions.
  13. Communicate openly with camp staff about any concerns or issues.
  14. Use art supplies responsibly and clean up after each session.
  15. Play fair and follow the rules of each game or sport.
  16. Show good sportsmanship, win or lose gracefully.
  17. Keep a safe distance from the fire and follow instructions from staff.
  18. Provide accurate emergency contact information.
  19. Be reachable in case of emergencies and respond promptly to communications.
  20. Students will be allowed to talk to their parents at night during the Dinner time, numbers for communication will be shared on WhatsApp after registration.

List of Items to be Carried for the Summer Camp:

  • Bathing soap
  • Toothpaste and Toothbrush
  • Shampoo and Conditioner
  • Comb
  • Cream/Sunscreen
  • Nightwear - Two pairs
  • Sports Shoes and Socks
  • Undergarments - Minimum 2 pairs
  • School ID card
  • Bath Towel/Hand Towels
  • Blanket/Comforter
  • Bathroom Slippers
  • Casual Wears - Minimum 2 pairs
  • Sports Wear/Track pants and T-shirt for Yoga and Aerobics
  • Water Bottle
  • Yoga Mats
  • Medication, if any