Location Rungta Knowledge City,
Kohka-Kurud Road, Bhilai(CG)-INDIA
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Rungta Public School, Bhilai is a Co-Ed. English Medium School, committed to provide quality education for the all-round development of its students, which would foster not only individual growth, but also give a clarion call to bring out a keen desire in them, to make a positive contribution to society and the world at large. The school upholds that an integrated personality is formed only when there is proper intellectual, moral, physical and last but not least, aesthetic development. An invigorating and competitive atmosphere, adequate exposure and sound guidance by a dedicated faculty is provided in the school, for the holistic development of the students.

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Develop the intellectual faculties of the students to the fullest, so as to make them highly alert and motivated individuals, geared up to take effective decisions, exercise right options so as to evolve into smart and articulate individuals capable of expressing clearly, fluently and boldly. Deliver a sound physical education that lays stress on character-building, team work, espirit de corps, and physical development and to instill in them a spirit of adventure, fair play and justice. Inculcate the right moral values, an attitude of positive response to the demands of the society, to rise above social, communal and religious prejudices and develop a pride in Indian culture. Foster artistic development of every student's talents to the maximum, which would ensure a healthy form of recreation for his leisure hours, besides bringing about his personal development.

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Endow the students with the knowledge and skill for global leadership and personal fulfillment.

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To become a global role-model for Teaching and Learning through Quality Education.

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