SCHOOL REOPENING AFTER SUMMER VACATION (NUR-XII) Commencement of New Session/Subject Choice of Class-XI (2022-23) AISSE (X) & AISSCE (XII) TERM-II DATESHEET Syllabus: Evaluation II/Annual Examination (Nur-IX & XI) DATESHEET - EVALUATION-II/ANNUAL EXAMINATION


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Harsha Rungta

Sanjay Rungta Group Of Institutions
Member (Finance), BOGs, RPS, Bhilai

‘The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams’ - Eleanor Roosevelt

Education is the bedrock of all transformation and progress. Over the last century, it has become all the more important in the life of an individual. It shapes individuals in their formative years and imbibes in them the right values that would shape up their character and personality.

At RPS, our primary aim is to encourage each student to be confident, inquiring, tolerant, empathetic, positive minded, well-rounded character with an independent mind to think and act productively for the welfare of self and the upliftment of the society, an individual who respects the differences of others.

By the time the students graduate, we want them to have that true sense of self-worth which enables them to stand

We'll strive to provide our students with a holistic education to stimulate their creativity and develop problem-solving capability that will empower them to become 'change-makers' as they graduate from the portals of the school. We aim to give our students maximum exposure so that their aspirations are stirred and they are able to think 'out of the box'. We'll endeavour to instil in our children an indomitable will power so that they are able to face the rigours and challenges of life undauntedly.